Overlays Query Options

Query options for the Overlays page if you select to Search by expression with the Conductor Query Language. Options include fields to search in and states that an overlay can be in.

Query option Description Example
airwallCount How many Airwall Edge Services are in the overlay
AirwallCount > 10

Finds overlays with more than 10 Airwall Edge Services in them

airwallNames Names of the Airwall Edge Services in the overlay
AirwallNames ~ ‘bldg4’

Finds overlays that have Airwall Edge Services with ‘bldg4’ in their name.

name Name of the overlay
description Description of the overlay
deviceCount How many devices are in the overlay
dnsServers List of DNS servers in the overlay
dnsServers ~ ‘’ 

Finds all overlays that have set as a DNS server

relayNames Names of relays in the overlay either used directly or through an Airwall group
tags Tags (limited to tags that you have permission to see)
vlanTags The VLAN tags that are allowed in traffic in the overlay
vlanAllowTagged If tagged VLAN traffic is allowed in the overlay
vlandAllowUntagged If untagged VLAN traffic is allowed in the overlay
apiUUID UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) of an API call
Query state Description Example
isDisabled Overlay is disabled

Searches for overlays that are not enabled.

isEnabled Overlay is enabled

Searches for overlays that are enabled.

hasManagedRelay Overlay has a managed relay configured