Devices Query options

Query options for the Devices page if you select to Search by Expression with the Conductor Query Language. Options include fields to search in and states that devices can be in.

Query option Searches in this field Example
airwallName Name of the Airwall Gateway managing this device
description Description
deviceGroupNames Device groups this device is in
hostname Hostname
internalIP Overlay device IP
ip Overlay device IP (NAT). If not NAT’d, this is the same as internalIP.
mac Mac address
name Name
ouiName OUI name See also Search for or Sort Devices by MAC Address OUI (Manufacturer) Name.
tags Tags (limited to tags that you have permission to see).
uid UID of the device

Query state Description Example
canEdit You have permission to edit this device
hasRecentActivity Device was active during the latest interval set on the Airwall. You can set this interval on the Reporting tab of the Airwall. Defaults to 5 minutes.
isAgentDevice Device is an Airwall Agent or Server device
isBypassDestination Device is a bypass destination. Can be negated with !

Matches devices that are not bypass destinations

isDisabled Device is disabled
isDiscovered Device has been discovered
isEnabled Device is enabled
isLocalDevice Device is a local device
isMacLockdown Device has Mac Lockdown set
isNetworkDevice Device is a network device

Searches on activity status. Can be one of: