Factory Reset an Airwall Gateway

You can reset Airwall Gateways to return them to the original factory settings. If an Airwall Gateway is not online at the time of a factory reset, and an SRV record is configured for the MAP server in DNS, the Conductor performs these actions when the Airwall Gateway next comes online.

To factory reset your Airwall Gateway, use the `factoryreset` command. This command reverts the Airwall Gateway to factory settings, erasing all configuration settings, so use it with caution.

login: factoryreset 
password: factoryreset
Once an Airwall Gateway is in the factory-reset state, it is placed into the unmanaged mode and one of the following scenarios will occur:
  • The Airwall Gateway page in the Conductor shows a status as offline. Once the Airwall Gateway is factory reset, all devices attached to the Airwall Gateway are removed along with any additional user-provided information, such as name, location, overlay network and wireless configurations. To re-deploy a factory-reset Airwall Gateway, you must reconfigure the Airwall Gateway to point to the Conductor. Once configured, the Airwall Gateway appears in the Conductor with "factory reset" appended to its name.
  • If you've configured a DNS SRV record for your Conductor, the Airwall Gateway automatically re-connects. After the Airwall Gateway connects, the Conductor removes it from any existing overlay networks, and appends (factory reset) to its name. The Conductor also removes all devices attached to the Airwall Gateway, as well as any additional user-provided information, such as human-friendly name or location. Cached overlay network and wireless configurations are also removed.