Airwall Gateway 110 Series

Introducing a complete refresh for the 100-series platform, with 4x the power, more ports, and future-proof for your industrial / OT networks. Unlike the AW-100, the 110 will run all monitors, handle up to 6 HD streams, has more storage and memory (thus less bugs and scalability problems in the field).

The Airwall Gateway 110 is a purpose-built industrial IoT edge gateway that makes connecting, collecting, and protecting IoT endpoints and data extremely secure and remarkably simple to deploy and manage. The 110 requires little to no change to existing infrastructure so you can rapidly join all SCADA, BACnet, and ICS endpoints to a private and segmented overlay network in minutes. The 110 eliminates the complexity associated with traditional network and security methods. All connected and protected devices are cloaked and cannot be discovered or reached by unauthorized devices, eliminating the network attack surface. The 110's plug and play design, ruggedized hardware, and optional cellular modem makes universal connectivity and segmentation across all networks simple, fast, and extremely cost-effective.