Airwall Gateway 250 Series

The Airwall Gateway 250 is a ruggedized industrial IoT edge gateway that makes connecting, collecting, and protecting ICS and SCADA systems and data extremely secure and remarkably simple to deploy and manage. The Ethernet and SFP port dense design with PoE, dual cell modems, and link management eliminates the cost, complexity, and availability limitations of deploying separate switches, VPNs, Firewalls, Cellular Routers, and APNs.

Deployment requires little to no change to existing infrastructure, so you can rapidly join all ICS and SCADA systems to a private and segmented overlay network in minutes. The 250's unique overlay technology rides on top of any network, even ones you don’t control, eliminating the complexity associated with traditional networking and security methods. All protected endpoints are cloaked and segmented by the 250 with all data encrypted so endpoints can’t be discovered or data accessed by unauthorized devices, eliminating the network attack surface. The 250's plug and play design makes universal connectivity and segmentation across all networks simple, fast, and extremely cost-effective.