Airwall Gateway 500 Series

The Airwall Gateway 500 serves as a datacenter, campus, or plant services gateway that functions as either a hub or aggregation point and makes connecting, collecting, and protecting thousands of endpoints and data extremely secure and remarkably simple to deploy and manage.

The 500's high performance, port density, dual power, and optional FIPS and port expansion modules eliminate the cost, complexity, and ineffectiveness of managing VPNs, firewalls, VLANs, ACLs, and NAC for secure connectivity and segmentation across any network. The 500 serves as the network boundary and security perimeter for its protected endpoints. Its unique overlay technology rides on top of any network, even ones you do not control, eliminating the complexity associated with traditional network and security methods. All connected devices behind the 500 are cloaked and can’t be discovered or reached by unauthorized devices, eliminating the network attack surface. The plug and play design makes universal connectivity and segmentation across all networks simple, fast, and extremely cost-effective.