Add devices or device groups to an overlay network

Once an overlay network is created, you can add devices or groups of devices.

To add devices to an overlay network:
  1. Go to Overlays and select an overlay network
  2. Click the button to the right of the Add devices field and a list of available devices is displayed.
    Note: If the name of the device is known, you can enter the device name directly into the text box and a list of matching devices and device groups will be displayed.
  3. Select the devices you want to add to the overlay network and click Add Devices.

If you have a large number of devices, you may want to consider creating device groups. See Use device groups and smart device groups for more information.

Important: Adding devices to an overlay network does not enable communications to or from that device. To enable communications, you must enable trust between devices. See Configure Device Trust for information on device trust.