Mirror non-Airwall traffic to an Overlay port group

To capture mirrored non-Airwall traffic, you can configure an Overlay Port Group on a Mirror Source Airwall Gateway, which then sends network information to the Mirror Destination Airwall Gateway.

For this scenario, you need to add an overlay port group to capture non-Airwall traffic and a Mirror Source port mirroring configuration that captures the mirrored traffic on that port.

If you use GRE Transparent Ethernet Bridging, ERSPAN type II or ERSPAN type III – You can use GRE key or Session ID to identify which source the packets arrived on.

  1. Set up an Overlay port group on a Mirror Source Airwall Gateway to capture the non-Airwall traffic being collected by your network:
    Setting up an overlay port group on the Mirror Source Airwall Gateway to receive mirrored traffic from the network
  2. Add a Port Mirroring Configuration on the same Airwall Gateway, selecting the port you configured as your Port Mirror (SPAN) Overlay group above as the Capture interface, and the Mirror Destination: