Mirror non-Airwall network traffic

Use this mirrored traffic scenario if you want to capture network traffic that isn’t currently going through an Airwall Gateway. This method uses:

  • Mirror Destination – A local device
  • Mirror Source – A dedicated port and overlay port group on an Airwall Gateway that collects non-Airwall network traffic and sends to the Mirror Destination

This diagram shows how the traffic is mirrored and accessed, with mirrored traffic sent to a Mirror Source Airwall Gateway, then to the Mirror Destination Airwall Gateway over encrypted HIP Tunnels on the Underlay.

Mirror traffic scenario showing Mirror source and destination Airwalls, with non-Airwall traffic going to the Mirror Source Airwall port 4

Set up this Mirrored Traffic Scenario

To configure this scenario, you need to:

  1. Create a local device for your packet analyzer tool.
  2. Configure a Mirror Destination to a Local Device.
  3. Mirror non-Airwall traffic to an Overlay port group.
    1. Add an Overlay Port group to capture non-Airwall traffic.
    2. Add a Port Mirroring Configuration.
  4. Adjust Performance for Mirrored Traffic.
  5. Configure your network to send traffic to the Overlay Port group.
  6. Connect your packet analyzer.