Create Smart Device Groups for frequently used matches

For ease of management, avoid repeating the same logic in multiple Smart Device Groups. It is best to create a Smart Device Group and reuse that group in other Smart Device Groups using the Device Group rule type. For example, if you capture devices from a particular set of Airwall Edge Services, consider creating a Smart Device Group for that purpose and including it in other Smart Device Groups that require it.

There are a few consideration you want to keep in mind when nesting device groups:

  • If a device group changes membership, any Smart Device Groups that refer to it in a Smart Device Group's Device Match Rules will need to be recomputed.
  • A Smart Device Group included in another Smart Device Group does not trigger the parent group to recompute unless it also is set to automatically recompute. For example, standard device group DG-Seattle is included in smart device group DG-Washington, which is not set to automatically recompute. DG-Washington is included in DG-UnitedStates, which is set to automatically recompute. If a device is added to DG-Seattle, neither Smart Device Group will recompute because DG-Washington is not set to autocompute and DG-UnitedStates, which is set will not detect any changes from DG-Washington.