Run Airshell remotely from the Conductor

For remote administration of Airwall Gateways, you can use Airshell to run diagnostic and configuration commands from the Conductor.

Supported Roles
System administrators can assign Allow Remote Airsh permissions to system and network administrators. See Customize Permissions for System and Network Administrators.
  • Permission extends to any Airwall Edge Service the user has edit permissions for
  • Permissions apply to network as well as system administrators
Supported Versions
v3.1.0 Conductor
Supported Airwall Edge Services
  • v3.1.0 Airwall Gateways that are online
  • Conductors
Supported Airshell commands
You can run most Airshell commands that are available when running Airshell locally. Exceptions are commands that risk disconnecting the Airwall Gateway permanently from the Conductor, such as the shutdown command or commands to reconfigure the network. You can use the help command for the list of available commands.
  1. In the Conductor, open the page for an Airwall Edge Service, then select the Airshell tab. For Conductor Airshell, go to Settings > Airshell.
  2. Select Open Remote Airshell.
  3. Enter the Airshell commands you need.
  4. When done, enter exit, or just navigate to a different page.
    Note: Airshell sessions automatically disconnect after 10 minutes of inactivity. If your session is disconnected, select Reconnect.