Factory Reset a Conductor

Reset a Conductor to return it to the original factory settings. If an Airwall Edge Service is not online at the time of a factory reset, and an SRV record is configured for the MAP server in DNS, the Conductor performs these actions when the Airwall Edge Service next comes online.

Note: Factory resetting a Conductor requires console access with a VGA monitor and USB keyboard.

To reset the Conductor:

  1. In the console at the login prompt, enter the username <factoryreset>.
  2. At the password prompt, enter the password <factoryreset>.
    Conductor will be factory reset.
Once a Conductor is factory reset, all Airwall Edge Services must be factory reset to re-connect to the Conductor, unless the Conductor configuration is restored from a Conductor database backup. To avoid this, download a Conductor database backup prior to doing a factory reset.