Troubleshoot MAP2 Protocol Issues

Conductors and Airwall Gateways running versions 2.0.0 or greater use a new metadata protocol (MAP2). MAP2 allows for better scalability and performance than the previously implemented IF-MAP protocol.

Note: A Conductor running 2.0.x and 2.1.x can also run the legacy IF-MAP protocol to support any Airwall Edge Services running version 1.x.
To help verify the Conductor and Airwall Edge Service are communicating, the Airwall Edge Service maintains the following data:
  1. Signature of the Conductor identity
  2. The Conductor's shared Airwall Edge Service key

The shared Airwall Edge Service key can be viewed and changed in the Conductor from Settings > Advanced > Shared HIPservice key.

If neither of those values match, an Airwall Edge Service will not connect to the Conductor. A factory reset will be required for an Airwall Gateway to connect to a different Conductor.

Note: Beginning in version 2.1.0, the shared key provided to the Airwall Edge Service is now encrypted. If an Airwall Edge Service was previously connected to a 2.0.x Conductor and refuses to connect to a 2.1.x Conductor that has the correct shared key, disabling shared key encryption might help.

You can disable shared key encryption from the Conductor by going to Settings > Advanced > Disable shared key encryption.

Note: If you disable shared key encryption, enable it again after all Airwall Edge Services have successfully connected.