What's New in 2.2.11

Here are the new features and enhancements in this version.

Mirror network traffic for Packet Analyzers

You can now mirror network traffic to packet analyzer/visibility tools (like Nozomi or Wireshark) to see what’s going on in your Airwall secure network.

See more: Mirror traffic from your Airwall Gateways to a packet analyzer tool

Assign Separate DNS Servers to Airwall Agents

If you need Airwall Agents to use different DNS servers, you can assign different DNS servers on an Overlay or individually for Airwall Agents that support it.

See more: Assign Separate DNS Servers to Airwall Agents and Servers

Preview - Airwall Visibility Connector

The Airwall Visibility Connector gives you a dynamic L4 view into the health and status of your Airwall secure network. You can explore many pre-computed reports in the Conductor, and can integrate other threat detection platforms. When configured, the Conductor continuously learns from these external systems, and can report or respond to threats as they are detected.

The Airwall Visibility Connector, showing dynamic charts and details for your Airwall secure network

Contact Customer Success at Customer Success if you would like to preview this feature. A future version will expose the full feature with appropriate documentation, training, and platform options.

New Knowledge Base and Support Site

Tempered has a new site for our product Knowledge Base articles and support. Update your links!

New and Improved Conductor Features

Update macOS Airwall Agents from the Conductor
In v2.2.11, the macOS Airwall Agent introduces the ability to update from a Conductor package. For those running v2.2.10, upgrade one last time manually, with:
sudo installer -pkg /path/to/Airwall-Mac_2.2.11.xxxx.pkg -target /

You can then update future versions from a Conductor update package.

Clear Recent events on the Dashboard
On the Dashboard System navigation, you can clear all events by selecting the Dismiss events icon Dismiss events icon (a crossed out bell):

Conductor Dashboard System navigation showing Dismiss alert icon on Recent events

New Notes field on Airwall Edge Service pages
There is now a place where administrators can add notes on Airwall Edge Service pages:

Place for administrator notes on Airwall Edge Service pages

Conductor theme now follows you
Your Conductor theme is now saved across computers and browsers.
Failover groups improvement
Failover groups now start with an initial likely selection for underlay link failover configuration.
OpenID Connect improvement
OpenID Connect now supports Azure Active Directory (AD).
Conductor Certificate Expiration reminders
When a Conductor certificate is near expiration (1 month + 1 week), you get an event and a tag on the cert info that warns you of the upcoming expiration. On the day of expiration, you get an alert, event, and a tag telling you the certificate has expired.
Download a CSV with Licensing and Airwall Data
You can download all licensing and Airwall data in CSV format from Settings > Licensing. This data can be helpful in ensuring your Conductor vouchers are correctly renewed.
Access Windows Date Selection improvements
The way you choose dates for Access windows has been improved.
Airshell Improvements
You can now save your network configuration when doing a factory reset using the keep-networking option. See Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.
Alert Improvements
Intrusion prevention alerts now indicate which devices are the source or destination of the alert where possible. These alerts are in Conductor alerts and indicated by the ID in the event data from the API , and snort metadata will be included in the API.
Diagnostic Mode Improvements
  • Diagnostic Report Addition – The Diagnostic report now includes policy-based routing rules and IPv6 routes.
  • Return to Diag mode after a hotfix – When applying a hotfix that does not require reboot, when the hotfix is complete you get an option to return to Diag mode.
API Improvements
  • API tracks when changes happened – The Conductor API now serializes when many resources were created and updated, and includes These changes make it easier to see when resources were added or have changed from the API.
  • New API endpoints – New API endpoints show history of Airwall Edge Services being managed and revoked , and returns a list of devices that each device has policy to and what overlays the policies are in .
  • Date time/NTP settings – The API now allows updating of Date time/NTP settings.

New and Updated Help

In addition to the content added for new features linked above, here’s the new and updated content published since our last major release:

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