Best Practices for Underlay Port Failover Groups

Set your underlay failover settings to a Failover group as a best practice.

Find your version below for guidelines, and for detailed instructions, see Configure an Underlay Port Failover Group.

Best Practice for v2.2.8 and later

In v2.2.8 and later, Underlay failover settings are set to an auto-created failover group, “Failover Group 1,” by default. You can create additional groups or edit the default group settings to adjust failover behavior for your underlay port groups. Stand-alone is still available, but it is deprecated and not recommended. See Configure an Underlay Port Failover Group.

CAUTION: Do not enable HIP on multiple underlay port groups connected to the same network or networks that egress through the same NAT gateway. If you do this, and then connect to a relay or other Airwall Edge Service outside, the NAT gateway can cause the HIP tunnel to flap between states through the NAT gateway.