What's New in 2.2.12

Here are the new features and enhancements in this version.

Licensing Changes

  • Port mirroring now requires an add-on license for any Airwall Gateway acting as a Mirror Source
  • Licensing page changes:
    • Licenses are now paginated as needed.
    • Vouchers are automatically consolidated

Airwall Servers for Raspbian and Ubuntu ARM64

You can now get an Airwall Server that runs on Raspbian or Ubuntu ARM. For installation information, see Raspbian and RPi4/Ubuntu ARM64 – Install the Airwall Server.

Platform End of Life for 100 Series Appliances

Tempered announces the End of Life schedule for the HIPswitch 100 series platforms. For more information and a schedule, see Platform end-of-life for Airwall Gateway/ HIPswitch 100 series.

New and Improved Conductor Features

Port mirroring

Airwall Gateways configured with port mirroring now show mirrored status in list and status views.

Port mirror badge

OpenID Connect
OpenID Connect tokens are now included in the webapp log at the debug level to assist with integration.
User Preferences
The Conductor now remembers user page size settings across sessions, browsers, and computers.
Underlay Network view
This view now visually separates the different underlay IPs to show their ping statuses, RTT, and count as they are being pinged.
Device name now shown on Overlay and Device pages
If you set a name for a device in an Airwall Agent or Server, it is now shown on the Overlays and Devices pages in the Conductor.
CPU Graph Changes
Starting with 2.2.12, the CPU graph on an Airwall Gateway Reporting page now shows CPU percentage, not the previously-shown CPU load average. The CPU percentage graph shows the percentage of CPU capacity being used on the Airwall Gateway over time.

New and Updated Help

In addition to the content added for new features linked above, here’s the new and updated content published since our last major release: