Create a local device for your packet analyzer tool

Create a local device on a dedicated overlay port group for your packet analyzer tool (protocol analyzer, packet broker, or other tool that consumes network traffic information).

The destination for your mirrored traffic can be your packet analyzer set up as a local device on your Mirror Destination Airwall Gateway.
  1. Add the packet analyzer tool as a local device to the Airwall Gateway that you're going to use as your Mirror Destination (the one that receives the mirrored traffic and sends it to the destination, which is your analyzer).
  2. When you're adding the device (either manually or through auto-discovery), you must set Port affinity (it cannot be left on auto).
    Select port affinity on the local device for your packet analyzer
For more information, see Add devices to the Conductor.
If you are using this method to connect your packet analyzer tool, you need to configure your mirror destination as described on this page: Configure a Mirror Destination to send to a Local Device