Add rules to a Smart Device Group

To add rules to a Smart Device Group:

  1. In the Conductor, go to Devices>Device groups.
  2. Create and open a device group, or open an existing group from the list.
  3. Go to Match rules (before 3.1.0, this is Rules in the device group dialog).
  4. Select the edit icon Edit icon (pencil) to enter editing mode and then select Add rule (before 3.1.0, select Edit rules).
  5. Enter device match rules to add devices to this device group:
    • In 3.1.0 and later – Enter the Operator, ! (negate the rule) Rule type, and Arguments.
    • Before 3.1.0 – Enter the Order, Oper., !, Rule Type, and Arguments.
    For more information, see Rule ordering, Rule operators, and Rule types.
  6. Select Add rule to continue adding rules.
  7. If necessary, select match rules. For the highest security, leave both of these options checked:
    • Check Ignore auto-discovered devices until accepted to have the Smart Device Group not add any auto-discovered devices until they are managed by an administrator.
    • Check Automatically recompute after rules change to have the Smart Device Group recompute the rules and rebuild the group after any rules are changed.
  8. In 3.1.0 and later – Under Permissions scope, specify what permissions you want this Smart Device group to include:
    • Check All devices in the Conductor to add any devices in the Conductor.
    • Check All devices on Airwalls in a people group's Airwall permission list and select one or more people groups to add only devices from those people groups.
    • Check All devices a network admin can edit and select one or more network admins to add only devices editable by those network admins.
  9. When you are finished, save your rules:
    • In 3.1.0 and later – Select Save.
    • Before 3.1.0 – Select View rules, then Save.
    Note: If any of the information is entered incorrectly, you will receive a validation error. Click Edit rule to return to editing mode.