Introducing Tempered Airwall

Tempered's fully encrypted, virtual air-gap network security solution is now called Airwall – a revolution in secure networking, making networks invisible. The products and parts that make up the Airwall are also changing to match and make their functions clearer.

New Airwall Names

Here are translations from previous names to current terms for the Airwall Solution Airwall:

What it used to be Airwall name
Conductor -> Airwall Conductor
HIPservice -> Airwall Edge Service
HIPswitch -> Airwall Gateway
HIPclient -> Airwall Agent
HIPserver -> Airwall Server
HIPapp -> Airwall Agent or Server
HIPrelay -> Airwall Relay
hipsh -> airsh
Tempered Networks -> Tempered
Tempered Networks Technical Documentation Airwall Help

You may see both old and new terms used in content and the Airwall Conductor as this transition is made.

Technical Documentation

If you are missing the previous Tempered Networks Technical Documentation, it is still available. All of the content for current versions is included and being improved right here in the new Airwall Help. If you want still want to see the pre-Airwall help, click the link on the Airwall Help home page.

What's Not Changing

What's not changing is our mission to revolutionize security for a connected world. Airwall increases security, reduces complexity, and dynamically handles changes on your network.