Step 1: Request and copy a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) for the Conductor

Once you’ve installed CA certificates (see Install a Custom CA Certificate Chain), you can generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) to create a certificate (for example, with a PKI Registration Authority):

  1. In Conductor Settings, under Airwall Conductor Identity, click Actions, and then select Create certificate or Replace certificate.
    Airwall Conductor Identity settings
  2. Under Distinguished Name, enter the Identity (Distinguished Name) of the Conductor. If you’re replacing a certificate, you can leave the Distinguished name the same. For example, /C=US/O=Tempered/OU=Dev/
    Conductor Distinguished name dialog
  3. Under CSR, select either Copy or Download to generate and get the CSR you need to get a signed certificate. (In versions 2.2.5 and earlier, select and copy the CSR.)
  4. Select Save.