Configure Wi-Fi Settings

You can configure Wi-Fi settings for connectivity to the underlay in the Conductor. Once a Wi-Fi-enabled Airwall Gateway is assigned to an overlay network, it retrieves the Wi-Fi settings.

Airwall Gateways must first connect to the underlay with a wired connection to retrieve Wi-Fi settings. Once you've configured the Wi-Fi settings on the Airwall Gateway, it will switch to Wi-Fi whenever the wired underlay connection is unavailable. If you want an Airwall Gateway to only use the Wi-Fi configuration, just disconnect the underlay wired connection.

Note: You can configure Wi-Fi settings for an Airwall Gateway in the Conductor, or in diagnostic mode on the Airwall Gateway.
Note: You cannot configure EAP-TLS Wireless networks in conjunction with Customer Certificates.

Set up a Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi networks you configure on the Conductor are available to all Airwall Edge Services that have Wi-Fi network interfaces. If you delete a Wi-Fi network, all configured Airwall Edge Services remove the Wi-Fi network from their configuration.

Note: Prior to defining an EAP-TLS connection, you must have a Customer CA Chain installed on the Conductor. Airwall Edge Services will not apply the EAP-TLS configuration until they have been provisioned with a Customer-signed PKI Certificate. EAP-TLS configurations use the Subject Common Name (CN) component of the Customer-signed Certificate Distinguished Name (DN) as the identity for the EAP-TLS transaction.
  1. In the Conductor, go to Settings > General Settings and scroll down to Wi-Fi Networks.
  2. Select New connection, and under SSID, enter the name of your Wi-Fi network. If needed, under Auth type select how your network authentication protocol and enter your Wi-Fi network key.
    Conductor Settings: Add Wireless connection
  3. Select Save.

Once you've set up the Wi-Fi network in the Conductor, you can Set the Wi-Fi network for an Airwall Gateway.

Note: The Airwall Gateway automatically detects the wireless family and channel, and has two reverse-polarity SMA (RP-SMA) connectors for antenna connections used in diversity mode to improve wireless signal reception. If only a single antenna is used, connect the antenna to the main antenna connector.