Configure WiFi Settings

You can configure WiFi settings for connectivity to the underlay in the Conductor. Once a WiFi-enabled Airwall Gateway is assigned to an overlay network, it retrieves the WiFi settings.

Airwall Gateways must first connect to the underlay with a wired connection to retrieve WiFi settings. Once the WiFi settings are configured, the Airwall Gateway will attempt to use those settings whenever the wired underlay connection is unavailable. Simply disconnect the Airwall Gateway underlay wired connection, and the it will begin using the WiFi configuration.

Note: You must place the Airwall Gateway into diagnostic mode to configure WiFi settings.
Note: You cannot configure EAP-TLS Wireless networks in conjunction with Customer Certificates.

Set up a WiFi network

The Conductor only supports the configuration of a single WiFi network and this WiFi network is available to all Airwall Edge Services that have WiFi network interfaces. If the WiFi network is deleted, all configured Airwall Edge Services will remove the WiFi network from their configuration.

To configure a WiFi network, go to Settings > WiFi Networks, click New Connection and enter the wireless network SSID and one of the following authentication options:
  • None
  • WEP
  • EAP-TLS (EAP-TLS is not available on all models)
Note: Prior to defining an EAP-TLS connection, you must have a Customer CA Chain installed on the Conductor. Airwall Edge Services will not apply the EAP-TLS configuration until they have been provisioned with a Customer-signed PKI Certificate. EAP-TLS configurations use the Subject Common Name (CN) component of the Customer-signed Certificate Distinguished Name (DN) as the identity for the EAP-TLS transaction.

The Airwall Gateway automatically detects the wireless family and channel, and has two reverse-polarity SMA (RP-SMA) connectors for antenna connections used in diversity mode to improve wireless signal reception. If only a single antenna is used, connect the antenna to the main antenna connector.