Connect with a Linux Airwall Server

You manage your Linux Airwall Server profiles and connections on the command line using Airshell (airsh). You can currently substitute airctl for airsh in most of these commands, but airctl will be phased out in a future release.

In addition to the commands below, you can enter sudo airsh help tree to see available commands. Not all Airshell commands are supported on a Linux Airwall Server. See Linux Airwall Server Airshell commands.

Connect and Disconnect from the Airwall secure network

  • To connect to the active profile, enter:
    sudo airsh service start
  • To disconnect, enter:
    sudo airsh service stop
  • If the service is already started, restart by entering:
    sudo airsh service restart

Manage Profiles

  • To create a new profile, run: sudo airsh profile create name=<new profile name> conductor=<conductor_url> [act=<activation_code>]
  • To switch profiles, run: sudo airsh profile activate <profile name or number>
  • To edit an existing profile, run: sudo airsh profile modify <profile name or number> [name=<new_name>] [conductor=<conductor_url>] [act=<activation_code>] [log_level=<info | warn | error | debug | trace>]
  • To delete a profile, run: sudo airsh profile delete <profile name or number>

Find your device ID

If you are still not connected, you may need to provide your device ID to the administrator for your Airwall secure network. To get your device ID, enter:
sudo airsh profile list verbose <profile_name>

Check your Connection

To check your connection, enter:
sudo airsh status

Check your WiFi connection

To check your WiFi connection (when a WiFi NIC is available), enter:
sudo airsh status wifi

Follow the log to troubleshoot your Linux Airwall Server

To watch the log file, enter:
sudo airsh log follow