Linux Airwall Server Airshell commands

These are the common Airshell commands for the Linux Airwall Server.

List available commands. Use help tree to see commands and options.
service [ start | stop | restart]
Start, stop, or restart the Linux Airwall Server.
profile [activate | create | list | modify]
Manages profiles for your Linux Airwall Server.
  • activate – Make a profile the active one. For example: sudo airsh profile activate <profile name or number>
  • create – Create and configure a new profile. For example: sudo airsh profile create name=<new profile name> conductor=<conductor_url> [act=<activation_code>]
  • list – List your profiles. Use list verbose to get profile details as well.
  • modify – Modify a profile. For example sudo airsh profile modify <name|number> [name=<new-name>] [conductor=<conductor-url>] [act=<activation-code>]
conductor [ set | sync | status ]
  • conductor set – Set or remove a Conductor IP address or URL and port (optional). For example: conductor set my-conductor.tempered. To remove a Conductor, run without a URL: conductor set.
  • conductor sync – If the Airwall Server is set to Disconnected mode on the Conductor, run this command to manually reconnect and retrieve any changes to configuration or trust policies. In Disconnected mode, you can still access resources on the Airwall secure network. See Syncing an Airwall Agent or Server in disconnected mode.
  • conductor status – Same as status conductor, shows the status of the Linux Airwall Server connection to the Conductor.
log follow
Watch the log file (usually for troubleshooting).
status [conductor | wifi | network]
Shows the status of the Linux Airwall Server connection to the Conductor, status of the Wi-Fi connection, or status of the network.
Note: A Conductor status of Disconnected indicates the Linux Airwall Server is not connected to the Conductor. If Disconnected mode is On, you can still access resources on the Airwall secure network, and your agent will reconnect at intervals for configuration and trust policy updates. If you want to reconnect manually, use conductor sync.
Note: If your status is Disconnected and Disconnected mode is Off, you will not be able to access resources. Contact your Conductor administrator.