Configure Large scale device trust behind an Airwall Gateway

If you have an advanced configuration with a large number of devices that are one or more hops away behind a single Airwall Edge Service, you can use a special type of device with a IP address. A device effectively functions as a wildcard, and when configuring trust, selecting the device effectively applies the trust policy to all devices behind the parent Airwall Edge Service.

CAUTION: If you use the device type, your Overlay network cannot use subnet routing or NAT, since each overlay network can only have one address.

To create the device and use it for trust configuration

  1. Go to Airwalls and select an Airwall Edge Service.
  2. Add a new device with the IP address set to See Add devices to the Conductor for more information about adding devices.
  3. Go to Overlays and select the overlay network for which you are configuring trust.
  4. On the Devices tab, click the button for the device, and then select the other devices and groups in the overlay network that require communications with the devices represented by the wildcard device.