See the Trust Relationships in an Overlay network

You can see and change trust relationships visually for an overlay on its page.

For how to edit trust relationships, see Add and remove device trust.

  1. Go to Overlays and select the Overlay network for which you want to see trust.
  2. If you are in the Advanced view, go to the Visualization tab.
  3. Trust relationships are shown as lines drawn between devices and device groups. On this page you can:
    • See the trust for a device or device group – Select a device or device group, and its trust relationships are highlighted. In the simplified view, they also are highlighted on the device trust list on the right.
    • Rearrange devices – Select Position dynamically or Fit to automatically rearrange the visualization. Or, click and drag a device or device group to reposition it.
      Note: In Edit mode, click and drag adds trust.
    • See the communication pathways and relays – Select Airwalls to see how Airwall Edge Services are connected and the relays used in the overlay network

      Doubleclick a line with a relay (green box) to see the relays and relay rules