Connect an Airwall Gateway with a DNS SRV record

You can connect an Airwall Gateway to the Conductor by using a DNS SRV record.

Note: For specific information, see the Platform Guide for your Airwall Gateway model.
  1. Check DHCP – Ensure there is a DHCP server and a DNS resolver or DNS server for the local domain accessible from the shared network.
  2. Create a DNS SRV record – On the DNS server, add a SRV record pointing to the Conductor URL: TTL class SRV priority weight port target
    For example, if your shared network domain is and the Conductor hostname is cond-01, then the SRV record should be: 3600 IN SRV 10 0 8096
    Note: Use the TTL, priority and weight for your DNS environment. Port 8096 is the default, but you can change it in the Conductor and set it to an alternate port.
  3. Connect to your network – Connect Port 1 of your Airwall Gateway to a network with access to your Conductor.
    The DHCP server assigns an IP address, netmask, and a default gateway to the Airwall Gateway. The Airwall Gateway then does a DNS lookup and configures itself using the Conductor address.
You can now: