Set the Wi-Fi network for an Airwall Gateway

You can set the Wi-Fi network for an Airwall Gateway to use.

  1. Configure the Wi-Fi network on your Conductor. For details, see Configure Wi-Fi Settings.
  2. In the Conductor, open an Airwall Gateway with wireless capabilities.
  3. On the right, open Actions, and select Assign Wi-Fi network.
    Set a Wi-Fi network on an Airwall Gateway in the Conductor
  4. Under Assigned Wi-Fi network, select the Wi-Fi network you want this Airwall Gateway to use.
    Select Wi-Fi network dialog
If you're having problems connecting, try some of the troubleshooting suggestions in Troubleshoot Initial Airwall Gateway connections or Measure wireless signal strength - WiFi and cellular.
You can also set the Wi-Fi network directly on the Airwall Gateway: