IF-MAP protocol deprecated in IDN 2.2

Affected platforms:
Conductor 400 Conductor 500 Conductor, all cloud platforms Conductor, all virtual platforms
Affected product versions:
1.x and earlier

Conductor software versions 2.1.x and earlier use the IF-MAP protocol to facilitate communication between Conductor and HIP Services running software versions 1.x.x. However, as of Conductor software version 2.2.0, the IF-MAP protocol is no longer supported. Customers applying a version 2.2.0 upgrade to Conductor will experience loss of connectivity with HIP Services running versions earlier than 2.0.0, and need to plan their upgrade path accordingly.

When planning an upgrade of Conductor to version 2.2.0, we strongly recommend that customers verify all HIP Services are running software version 2.1.x or later. For information about upgrade planning, including a recommended upgrade path, please visit the Tempered Networks Online Documentation here: temperednetworks.com/webhelp. If you require additional planning assistance, please contact your solution architect or Tempered Customer Support at https://tempered.force.com/TemperedSupportCenter/s/.