Important Patch for HIPswitch-100 and HIPswitch-250 running version 2.1.3

An issue was recently discovered in 2.1.3 when a HIPswitch is in service for a long period of time. When a network interface reaches a total of 2.1GB of traffic, an internal management daemon starts experiencing errors and restarts repeatedly. These restarts appear in the Conductor UI as HIPswitch connects and disconnects. No HIP traffic issues occur when this happens, and secure tunnels will remain intact. The noticeable behavior is the periodic loss of connection to the Conductor.

A hotfix for 2.1.3 is available for the affected platforms. Tempered Networks strongly recommends this hotfix to all customers who have affected platforms running version 2.1.3.

If you are unable to install the hotfix, disable traffic stats reporting for the affected platforms. This action can be performed from the Conductor.

You can download the hotfixes for your platform here or from the Hotfixes page: