Important HIPswitch 250 Verizon modem firmware update

Verizon is rolling out an upgrade to their towers that has a known issue with the modem used in the HIPswitch 250.

Our vendor has issued a firmware update for this issue, customers with a HIPswitch 250g or HIPswitch 250gd need to apply this firmware update for compatibility with the Verizon update.


In rare cases, the module may not be able to attach to an LTE cell in a particular network condition because the module is unable to decode some SIB messages and skip additional information element introduced in higher than 3GPP versions 9.13.0. The module will fallback to 3G if the corresponding cell is available.


Update to the newest firmware for the modem.

This firmware is released for Tempered Networks HIPswitch 250g and HIPswitch 250gd connecting to Verizon.

The firmware is available at: