Get an AWS Airwall Gateway to pull the correct route table

If you’ve added a route table to a subnet in Amazon Web Services (AWS), but the Conductor isn’t pulling the correct route table, here are some tips on troubleshooting.

This issue most commonly occurs when you’ve attached another interface (for example, port 3) and then rebooted the Airwall Gateway before you’ve associated the route table. In this case, the Conductor sees the new interface and checks the route table. When it doesn’t find a specific one, it tries to find one, and it may not find the correct one. It doesn’t recheck the route table once it’s found one.

To avoid this issue, see Add an interface with an associated route table on a cloud Airwall Gateway.

  1. Go to the AWS console, and detach your added interface from your Airwall Gateway.
  2. Reboot the Airwall Gateway and wait until it comes back online in the Conductor.
  3. Back in the AWS console, re-attach your 3rd interface to the Airwall Gateway.
  4. Again, reboot the Airwall and wait until it comes back online on the Conductor.

You should get the correct route table now.