Allow an Airwall Agent or Server to access your Airwall secure network

When a person configures an Airwall Agent or Server with your Conductor IP address or hostname, and are online with access to the Conductor, their Airwall Agent or Server will appear in the Conductor. How they appear depends on how they've connected:

  • If they've activated their Airwall Agent or Server with an Airwall Invitation or Activation code, their Airwall Agent or Server is provisioned and configured as you specified when you set up the invitations or activation codes. You just need to license their Airwall Agent or Server and they will have access to the secure network.
  • If the person is connecting manually, you get a provisioning request to allow the Airwall Agent or Server into your secure network. You need to provision and licensed the Airwall Agent or Server, and then add the person's device to the overlay networks and Add and remove device trust for the resources they need access to.
    CAUTION: When you're accepting provisioning requests, make sure that you know who is connecting and they are authorized to access your network.

If you need to revoke an Airwall Agent or Server, you can also disable trust in one click. For more information, see Revoke and Reactivate an Airwall Edge Service. Open the Visualization tab on an overlay network to get a visual view of trust relationships.

Note: You can also automate Airwall Agent trust using the API. The most recent API documentation is available in your Conductor. See Airwall API.