Configure Airwall Edge Service Settings

Edit Airwall Edge Service settings on Airwalls page.

  1. Go to Airwalls.
  2. In the table, select the drop-down to the right of the Airwall Edge Service you want to edit, and select Properties.
  3. Click Edit Settings. You can change the following information:
    Basic Settings
    • Name: A user-friendly name for the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Description: An optional field for additional information about the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Location: An optional field for information of about the Airwall Edge Service location.
    Advanced Settings
    • Network policy communications: Enable or disable communication with the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Shared network public IP address (NAT): If the Airwall Edge Service has a public IP address on the Internet, enter it here. Remote Airwall Edge Services can use this address to connect to the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Enable auto-connect: If enabled, the Airwall Edge Service securely connects to peer Airwall Edge Services without the presence of device traffic.
  4. When finished, click Update Settings.