Apple iOS: Install and configure an Airwall Agent

If you have received an email or activation code, see Linking my Airwall Agent or Server to an Airwall secure network. If you need to install and configure manually, follow these instructions. You can get the Airwall Agent for iOS from Apple's App Store.

Note: If you received an invite, follow the instructions in the email to install and configure your Airwall Agent. The instructions below are for manual installation and configuration.
  1. Install the Airwall Agent on your device from the Apple Store:
  2. Open the Apple iOS Airwall Agent.
  3. From the menu, tap Profiles. Tap + to add a new profile.
  4. Give the profile a name, and fill in the Conductor URL (and port, if provided to you).
  5. If you have an Airwall Invite Code, enter it at the bottom.
  6. Tap ADD.

If you have used an Airwall Invitation or Activation code, once the Airwall Agent is recognized by the Conductor, you should be able to start connecting to protected resources. If you are connecting manually, send your Device ID to your administrator so they can activate your account.

For information on using your Apple iOS Airwall Agent, see Connecting with an iOS Airwall Agent.