Check Remote Sessions

You can check the status of Airwall Agent remote sessions in these ways:

  • On the Conductor page for a specific Airwall Agent, look under Remote Access:

    Airwall Agent page showing remote access session

  • The People page for a person shows details they are logged in.
  • On the right side of the Airwall Edge Services list view, hover over the circle icon to see who's authenticated or Not authenticated. (Note that this icon only appears for Airwall Edge Services with authentication required.)

    Circle icon showing authentication status

Here are some other icons that indicate status:

Icon Meaning
Activation code icon (plug) Unused activation code
Expired activation code icon - grayed out plug Expired activation code
People status last week login icon Person logged in last week
People status longer than a week since last login icon Person logged in more than a week ago
People status never login icon Person has never logged in