Manage Airwall Agents through an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution

If you are using an MDM solution to manage devices for your organization, you can push installation and configuration of Airwall Agents to your managed devices.

The Airwall Solution currently supports managed configuration for Android Airwall Agents.

When you manage Airwall Agents with an MDM, the MDM can:

  • Install the Airwall Agents on your managed devices.
  • Create Airwall Agent profiles for your Conductor.
  • Automatically start the Airwall Agent, which then reads the profile and connects to the Conductor.

The Airwall Agent prevents users from making any changes to a managed profile.

You can also distribute Activation codes through the MDM, or as Airwall Agents connect, you can grant the provisioning requests and manage the devices in the Conductor.

Before you begin:

  • Add the Tempered Airwall Agent to your MDM solution – Follow the instructions for your MDM to load the Airwall Agent managed configuration. The values you can enter should be Profile Name, Conductor url, Port number, and Invite code. If you need to select the value type, set it to strings. All values are mandatory except for the invite code.
  • (Optional) Generate Activation Codes and put into your MDM solution – To automatically provision users, generate Activation codes for the Airwall Agents you want to manage. To generate Activation codes, see Connect People's Devices with Activation Codes. To add these to your MDM solution, see your MDM instructions.
  • (Optional) Set up Dynamic variables in your MDM – If you want to use dynamic variables in your profile names, set them up in your MDM following the instructions for your MDM.

Configure the managed profile for your Airwall Agents

These instructions are a rough guide and may vary depending on your MDM solution. See your MDM help for more detailed instructions.
  1. In your MDM, open up the managed configuration for the Airwall Agent.
  2. Configure and save the following values for the Airwall Agent profile:
    • Profile name – Enter the profile name you want your Airwall Agent profiles to have. If supported by your MDM , you can use dynamic variables to create profiles unique for each user.
    • Conductor URL – Enter your Conductor URL or hostname.
    • Conductor Port – Set the port default to 8096.
    • Activation code – (Optional) If you have set these up and it is supported by your MDM, enter a dynamic variable to insert each user’s Activation code.
  3. Save the profile, and save the configuration in your MDM.
  4. Save and apply the managed configuration to managed devices following the instructions for your MDM solution.
You can change the profile information, except for the profile name, in the same way if you need to make changes to the managed profiles. If you change the profile name, the MDM creates a new profile on the Airwall Agents.