Connect People as Remote Access Users

You can create a remote access user to give a person access to your Airwall secure network using an Airwall Agent or Server. You can integrate with an LDAP user database, or add OpenID Connect authentication providers as shown in Integrate Third-party Authentication with OpenID Connect.

Set up remote access users to:

  • Onboard users using membership in people groups (this gives them an activation code that they can click from the Connect an Airwall agent page)
  • Authenticate a remote session on an Airwall Agent or Server
  • Give users permission to view their connected Airwall Agent or Server status and see what remote devices they have access to (also via Connect an Airwall agent page)
  • Enable and disable individual Airwall Agents and Servers authentication. For more information, see Walkthrough: Onboarding Users with User Authentication.
  1. In Conductor, go to People, and select New person.
  2. Fill in their details, and under Role, select Remote Access User.
  3. At the bottom, choose whether to send the user a link to set their password, or create a password for them.
    Remote Access User dialog
  4. Select Create person.
  5. If you’re onboarding users – Add them to a user onboarding people group that provides them with an activation code. Then, once the user is logged in, they can download an Airwall Agent or Server, and activate their remote access. See Set up a People Group.
  6. You can also add a person to an overlay from their People page.
    Adding a user to People groups and Overlay networks