Set a Private APN for your Cellular Provider on an Airwall Gateway

You can set the APN of the cell modem on an Airwall Gateway (100, 110, 150, 250) on the Airwall Gateway from Diagnostic mode or using airsh, or from the Conductor.

Note: If you are using the default APN of your cellular provider for Internet access, this APN is automatically used when the APN is set to "auto". These instructions are if you have a private APN that you need to set.

Set the APN from Diagnostic Mode

  1. Put your Airwall Gateway into Diagnostic mode. See your platform guide or Put an Airwall Gateway into diagnostic mode for instructions.
  2. In Diagnostic mode, open the Settings page, and the Port Settings tab. (Note: Not the Cellular Settings tab.)
  3. Select Edit Settings.
  4. For APN, enter the APN needed to connect to your cellular service.
  5. Select Update Settings.

Set the APN with airsh

On the Airwall Gateway, you can use the following airsh command to set the APN, replacing <APN> with the APN (no spaces allowed):

airsh> conf cell apn=<APN>

For example,

airsh> conf cell apn=my_private_apn
For more information on using airsh, see Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.

Set the APN in the Conductor

If the Airwall Gateway is on Ethernet and connected to the Conductor, you can set the APN from the ports page of the Airwall in Conductor.

  1. On the page for the Airwall Gateway, open the Ports tab.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Under Ports, select the Cell Interface.
  4. To the right, under APN, enter or change to the APN needed to connect to your cellular service.
    Setting the APN for the Cell interface on the Ports tab of an Airwall Gateway
  5. Select Update Settings.