Set Up an Airwall Relay

You can set up a compatible Airwall Gateway as an Airwall Relay to route encrypted traffic on your network.

You must have an available Airwall Relay license to complete these instructions. For help with licensing, see How Airwall Licensing Works.
  1. In the Conductor, go to Airwalls and open the Airwall Gateway you want to act as an Airwall Relay.
  2. Select the Airwall relay tab and check Allow Airwall to act as an Airwall relay.
    Figure 1. Airwall relay tab
  3. Configure Airwall Relay rules for that relay (or add to a group of relays that has policy set up).
Note: Setting an Airwall Gateway as an Airwall Relay automatically uses an available Airwall Relay license. If no licenses are available, you receive an error message.