How Airwall Licensing Works

How licensing works in your Airwall Solution.

Tempered requires a license for each Conductor and Airwall Edge Service you have in use. Certain configurations also require add-on licenses, such as configuring an Airwall Gateway as an Airwall Relay.

When you purchase licenses, you receive a voucher code that allows you to apply your purchased licenses to a Conductor, or to Airwall Edge Services in a Conductor. The Conductor automatically consolidates licensing vouchers.

There is a significant difference between Conductor licenses and Airwall Edge Services licenses -- Conductor licenses are not transferrable, while Airwall Edge Service licenses are. More specifically:

  • Conductor licenses cannot be reused or transferred once you’ve used it to license a Conductor.
  • Airwall Edge Services licenses can be reused and are transferrable by type, and across Conductors. Some examples:
    • In a Conductor, you can delete a license from one Airwall Gateway-150 by revoking it and reassign the license to a different Airwall Gateway-150.
    • You cannot transfer a license from one type of Airwall Edge Service to another type.

You must have enough licenses available in your Conductor before you can provision Airwall Edge Services. For a list of the Airwall Edge Service licenses you have available, see the Licensing tab under Conductor Settings.

To purchase new or renew expired licenses, contact

For how-to instructions on licensing and transferring licensing, see these topics: