High availability failback for the Conductor

After a failover has occurred, once the original Conductor becomes available again, or once a replacement is in place, you need to perform a failback to re-establish the high availability pairing.

If a replacement Conductor is required, follow the steps in Set up Conductor high availability to set up the replacement unit as the new standby Conductor.

Note: If the new Conductor will use different IP addresses than what the failed unit used, you need to re-configure the current active Conductor before proceeding with the failback.
If the original active Conductor can be brought back online without replacing, it can be easily switched to become the new standby. To do this,
  1. Log in to the active Conductor,
  2. In Settings, under Conductor High Availability, click Edit Settings.
  3. In Conductor HA Configuration, click Demote to standby to transition the Conductor to become the standby.

This Conductor now connects to the active Conductor and initializes the data replication. The replication may take several minutes, depending on the number of Airwall Edge Services in the active Conductor database and the network bandwidth available.

Once you complete the setup, the standby Conductor reboots and you are directed to the Settings page.

Note: You may have to re-authenticate on the new standby Conductor once the setup is complete. If the configuration was successful, the Conductor displays standby-mode in the top menu bar.