Configure a Conductor for High Availability

Conductor High Availability (HA) provides hardware redundancy between two Conductors and requires a manual failover. When creating a Conductor HA pair, one Conductor is assigned as the active and the second is assigned as the standby. The active Conductor is used to manage Airwall Edge Services, overlay networks and communications policies.

As a system administrator, you can access a standby Conductor, but only limited functionality is available. In standby mode, the Conductor is kept in sync with the active Conductor, but has limited functionality as follows:
  • Read-only database
  • Conductor HA configuration changes
  • System setup changes
  • Firmware updates

Using failover

You need to manually initiate failover between the active and the standby Conductor. The manual failover can take several minutes to complete. During this time, the Airwall Edge Services and devices continue to operate in their current configurations, and overlay network communications are not interrupted.