High availability failover for the Conductor

If the master Conductor becomes unavailable, you can switch to the standby Conductor via a manual failover. Failover is performed on the standby Conductor, promoting it to become a master Conductor.

To initiate a failover:
  1. Log in to the standby Conductor and go to Settings.
  2. In the Conductor High Availability selection, click Edit Settings.
  3. In Conductor HA Configuration, click Promote to master to promote the standby Conductor to the master.

It will take several seconds until the configuration is saved. Once complete, you are redirected to the Settings page. Standby mode no longer appears in the top menu and the Conductor's role changes to master in the Conductor High Availability section.

Airwall Gateways automatically reconnect to the new master Conductor over time as their connections to the failed Conductor time out. This process may take several minutes and does not affect the operations of the overlay networks.