Deploy a Physical Conductor

Tempered offers two physical Conductor models, the Conductor 400 Series and the Conductor 500 Series. Both are 1U rack-mount security appliances that facilitate private overlay networks between customer-provided equipment and devices.

Note: The hardware for an Conductor-500 and an Airwall Gateway-500 are similar. If your order contains both, check the bottom of the unit or the box for a sticker that marks Conductor hardware.
Note: For Conductor-500, use only Port 1 or Port 2. Do not connect anything to any of the other ports. For provisioning, and connection to the underlay network, connect to Port 1. For Diagnostics, connect to Port 2.

Familiarize yourself with your model's front panel layout, specifications, power requirements, and safety warnings before use. These can be found in your model's Platform Guide, included with your Conductor. If you are unable to locate your Platform Guide, you can download a PDF from the Documentation Downloads section of Airwall help.