Configure Airwall Edge Service Settings

Edit Airwall Gateway settings on Airwalls edge services tab. Open the Actions menu, select Properties, and then Edit Settings. After making the desired changes, click Update Settings. It may be helpful to assign the Airwall Gateway a human-friendly name.

  1. Go to Airwalls, select the drop-down to the right of the Airwall Edge Service you want to edit, and select Properties.
  2. Click Edit Settings. You can change the following information:
    Basic Settings
    • Name: A user-friendly name for the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Description: An optional field for additional information about the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Location: An optional field for information of about the Airwall Edge Service location.
    Advanced Settings
    • Network policy communications: Enable or disable communication with the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Shared network public IP address (NAT): If the Airwall Edge Service has a public IP address on the Internet, enter it here. Remote Airwall Edge Services can use this address to connect to the Airwall Edge Service.
    • Enable auto-connect: If enabled, the Airwall Edge Service securely connects to peer Airwall Edge Services without the presence of device traffic.
  3. When finished, click Update Settings.