Provision and License Airwall Edge Services

How to provision and license Airwall Edge Services. You need to add Airwall Edge Services licenses to the Conductor before you can provision and license Airwall Edge Services.

  1. In Conductor, open Settings, and go to the Licensing page.
  2. If you have a license voucher, Add Airwall Edge Service Licenses to the Conductor. If you don’t have a license voucher, contact to get one before continuing.
  3. Install the Airwall Edge Services you want to license and connect them to the Conductor. For more information, see Deploy and Configure Airwall Edge Services and Connect Airwall Gateways to the Conductor.
  4. Under Provisioning Requests, select the check boxes for the Airwall Edge Services you want to provision, and under the Actions dropdown, click Grant Request to provision your Airwall Edge Services. They should reconnect to the Conductor and appear in your Airwall Edge Services list as unmanaged.
    Note: You can also grant provisioning requests from the Provisioning tab on the Dashboard.
  5. On pre 2.2x Conductors, click Sync.
  6. On the Conductor dashboard, click the Show all Airwalls box and filter the Airwall Edge Services by unmanaged.
  7. In the row for the Airwall Edge Service you want to license, in the far right column, click the arrow to open the drop down menu, and select Manage Airwalls.
    Location of the Airwall drop down menu