Connect Airwall Gateways to the Conductor

Set up and manage Airwall Gateways from the Conductor. Before you begin, ensure that you already have the Conductor set up. You can connect the devices that you want to protect to the Airwall Gateway after it is set up.

Note: Please refer to the Airwall Gateway Platform Guide that shipped with your model for additional information and physical port locations.

Once the Airwall Gateway is configured to connect to the Conductor, connect the Airwall Gateway to the underlay on Port 1, or the designated underlay port for your model.

After fully configuring an Airwall Gateway, you can view basic configuration information by navigating to the Airwalls tab and selecting an Airwall Gateway. The following information about the Airwall Gateway is available:
  • Overlay networks it belongs to
  • IP address
  • UID (unique ID)
  • serial number
  • model
  • firmware revision
  • user authentication (disabled by default)
  • encryption (AES-256 (default), AES-128, AES-256 with compression)