Release Notes 2.2.11 Hotfix – Airwall Gateway HF-1

Release Date: Mar 17, 2021

This is a hotfix to release v2.2.11 for Airwall Gateways. See Release Notes 2.2.11 for more additions in version 2.2.11. Download HF-1 from Hotfixes.

Upgrade Considerations

Upgrade to this 2.2.11 Airwall Gateway hotfix if you were experiencing any of the following issues:

  • Passive device discovery wasn’t working on Routed traffic only port groups.
  • Installing an expansion module mixed up ports.
  • You had issues when using both Seamless bypass and port mirroring


ID Applies to Description
DEV-15402 Airwall Gateway Fixed using bypass and port mirroring port group destination concurrently.
DEV-15392 Airwall Gateway Fixed passive device discovery on routed traffic only port groups.
DEV-15391 Airwall Gateway Fixed rare crash when updating ports configuration while port mirroring is enabled.
DEV-15379 Airwall Gateway Fixed an issue where an Airwall Gateway is unable to synchronize with the Conductor after port mirroring destination device is deleted followed by a reboot of the Airwall Gateway.
DEV-15324 Airwall Gateway Fixed expansion module detection and issue where ports were mixed up after installing an expansion module.

Known Issues

See Release Notes 2.2.11 for known issues.