Release Notes 2.2.11

Release Date: Mar 15, 2021

What's New in 2.2.11

Here are the new features and enhancements in this version.

Mirror network traffic for Packet Analyzers

You can now mirror network traffic to packet analyzer/visibility tools (like Nozomi or Wireshark) to see what’s going on in your Airwall secure network.

See more: Mirror traffic from your Airwall Gateways to a packet analyzer tool

Assign Separate DNS Servers to Airwall Agents

If you need Airwall Agents to use different DNS servers, you can assign different DNS servers on an Overlay or individually for Airwall Agents that support it.

See more: Assign Separate DNS Servers to Airwall Agents and Servers

Preview - Airwall Visibility Connector

The Airwall Visibility Connector gives you a dynamic L4 view into the health and status of your Airwall secure network. You can explore many pre-computed reports in the Conductor, and can integrate other threat detection platforms. When configured, the Conductor continuously learns from these external systems, and can report or respond to threats as they are detected.

The Airwall Visibility Connector, showing dynamic charts and details for your Airwall secure network

Contact Customer Success at Customer Success if you would like to preview this feature. A future version will expose the full feature with appropriate documentation, training, and platform options.

New Knowledge Base and Support Site

Tempered has a new site for our product Knowledge Base articles and support. Update your links!

New and Improved Conductor Features

Update macOS Airwall Agents from the Conductor
In v2.2.11, the macOS Airwall Agent introduces the ability to update from a Conductor package. For those running v2.2.10, upgrade one last time manually, with:
sudo installer -pkg /path/to/Airwall-Mac_2.2.11.xxxx.pkg -target /

You can then update future versions from a Conductor update package.

Clear Recent events on the Dashboard
On the Dashboard System navigation, you can clear all events by selecting the Dismiss events icon Dismiss events icon (a crossed out bell):

Conductor Dashboard System navigation showing Dismiss alert icon on Recent events

New Notes field on Airwall Edge Service pages
There is now a place where administrators can add notes on Airwall Edge Service pages:

Place for administrator notes on Airwall Edge Service pages

Conductor theme now follows you
Your Conductor theme is now saved across computers and browsers.
Failover groups improvement
Failover groups now start with an initial likely selection for underlay link failover configuration.
OpenID Connect improvement
OpenID Connect now supports Azure Active Directory (AD).
Conductor Certificate Expiration reminders
When a Conductor certificate is near expiration (1 month + 1 week), you get an event and a tag on the cert info that warns you of the upcoming expiration. On the day of expiration, you get an alert, event, and a tag telling you the certificate has expired.
Download a CSV with Licensing and Airwall Data
You can download all licensing and Airwall data in CSV format from Settings > Licensing. This data can be helpful in ensuring your Conductor vouchers are correctly renewed.
Access Windows Date Selection improvements
The way you choose dates for Access windows has been improved.
Airshell Improvements
You can now save your network configuration when doing a factory reset using the keep-networking option. See Airshell (airsh) Command Reference.
Alert Improvements
Intrusion prevention alerts now indicate which devices are the source or destination of the alert where possible. These alerts are in Conductor alerts and indicated by the ID in the event data from the API , and snort metadata will be included in the API.
Diagnostic Mode Improvements
  • Diagnostic Report Addition – The Diagnostic report now includes policy-based routing rules and IPv6 routes.
  • Return to Diag mode after a hotfix – When applying a hotfix that does not require reboot, when the hotfix is complete you get an option to return to Diag mode.
API Improvements
  • API tracks when changes happened – The Conductor API now serializes when many resources were created and updated, and includes These changes make it easier to see when resources were added or have changed from the API.
  • New API endpoints – New API endpoints show history of Airwall Edge Services being managed and revoked , and returns a list of devices that each device has policy to and what overlays the policies are in .
  • Date time/NTP settings – The API now allows updating of Date time/NTP settings.

New and Updated Help

In addition to the content added for new features linked above, here’s the new and updated content published since our last major release:

New –

Updated –

Update Considerations

Consider updating to v2.2.11 if:

You want to use any of the following features: You were impacted by any issues discovered in prior releases, especially if you have any of the following:
  • Mirror network traffic to a packet analyzer
  • Assign different DNS servers to Airwall Agents
Ran into these issues:
  • Syslog issues – User Authentication was logging to Syslog, and external syslog over TLS
  • Seeing high CPU use from logwatch
  • Airwall Invitations were incorrectly using the US date format


ID Applies to Description
DEV-15317 Conductor When using user authentication access windows, sessions now end at the end of the session timeout of the Airwall Edge Service if it is shorter than the access window.
DEV-15307 Linux Airwall Servers Fixed some DNS issues in Linux Airwall Servers.
DEV-15265 Airwall Gateway Fixed an issue where taking a packet capture didn't include hipbrN interfaces in Routed only overlay port groups.
DEV-15206 Conductor When you attempt to disable a user who is the owner of any smart device groups, the Conductor now shows a warning advising you to transfer ownership to avoid their smart device groups being downgraded to regular device groups.
DEV-15152 Conductor Fixed an issue where there could be unidentified device activity in the log.
DEV-15045 Windows Airwall Agents Fixed an issue that caused the Windows Airwall Agents to close unexpectedly.
DEV-15001 macOS Airwall Agents Fixed an issue where Okta user authentication was failing when you had assigned DNS servers globally on macOS Airwall Agents.
DEV-14996 macOS Airwall Agents macOS Airwall Agents now correctly install on Big Sur (version 11.x) without excessive prompts to accept certificates.
DEV-14983 Conductor When using the device discovered monitor with the tag action, tags are now correctly added to the discovered device, not the Airwall Gateway with the device.
DEV-14981 Linux Airwall Servers Fixed an issue where occasionally ping results were not returned.
DEV-14980 Linux Airwall Servers When attempting to connecting to the Conductor, if an error occurs, the Linux Airwall Servers now moves to the next network interface and tries again.
DEV-14976 Common Fixed remote syslog to a TLS 1.3 endpoint.
DEV-14975 Windows Airwall Agents Customers are unable to view Devices in the HIP Networks View portion of Windows Airwall Agents.
DEV-14972 Conductor Resolved a display issue in the throughput shown on the Conductor Dashboard where bars would overlap with the legend.
DEV-14971 Cellular Airwall Gateways Fixed a regression that sometimes caused long wait times when connecting an Airwall Gateway 110g to Verizon.
DEV-14958 Cloud-Azure, Conductor Saving the Azure Conductor template with a new resource group name now appears correctly when you edit the template again.
DEV-14956 Airwall Gateways Fixed a crash when using hostname based policy.
DEV-14951 Conductor, Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue that could cause a database migration to fail on upgrade.
DEV-14922 Conductor Fixed an issue where people groups integration with authentication providers (LDAP or OpenID Connect) could run into problems if there were groups with the same name with different capitalization.
DEV-14893 Windows Airwall Agents Fixed an issue where you had to disable lockdown mode on 2.2.10 Windows Airwall Agents before stopping it for traffic to properly pass.
DEV-14891 Conductor Read-only administrators can now see e-mail addresses in user settings.
DEV-14888 Conductor Syslog now includes remote session (login via agent / server) creation, failed attempts, and termination.
DEV-14887 Conductor Fixed an issue where in some cases a failed OpenID Connect login could result in a 500 error.
DEV-14878 Linux Airwall Servers Linux Airwall Servers now keep full firmware install logs.
DEV-14875 Cellular Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue where Airwall Gateway 150s would sometimes experience 100% CPU usage when a remote syslog server was configured.
DEV-14872 Conductor Fixed an issue where the link to set your password for a new user that is provided by email expired very quickly, and certain password error messages were not being displayed on the reset password page.
DEV-14863 Conductor Licensing tab is now more clear about when your licenses will expire.
DEV-14854 Conductor Fixed an issue where the remote access user portal's Linux Airwall Server connection string was missing the activation code.
DEV-14852 Linux Airwall Servers Fixed a bug that could cause excessive numbers of Airwall interface status updates.
DEV-14848 Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue that could cause the root file system to fill up with log messages on some virtual platforms.
DEV-14822 Conductor Airwall Invitations now correctly honor local time and date format.
DEV-14820 Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux Airwall Agents Airwall Agents now automatically restart when the port for HIP is changed on Conductor.
DEV-14803 Conductor Fixed an issue that caused the logging settings for the Conductor to be ignored for the syslog output.
DEV-14766 Airwall Teams, Conductor The Airwall Invitation API now returns the activation code in its response.
DEV-14725 Conductor The Overlay network page where you manage devices and device groups now filters bypass destinations under their own heading.
DEV-14723 Conductor On the Detect devices page, the networks under Network to scan are now normalized. For example, '' instead of ''
DEV-14722 Conductor When you delete a device from an overlay network that uses managed relay rules, if the Airwall Edge Service that device was on has no other devices in the overlay, then the Airwall Edge Service is now also removed from the managed relay rule.
DEV-14713 Conductor The Conductor now correctly displays IPv6 addresses in Bypass settings.
DEV-14692 Airshell In the new Airshell 'conf network' menu, when editing a port group, it is possible to enter invalid or duplicate interfaces, or interfaces already in use by another port group. When entering interface names, use `status network` output to see current settings and avoid invalid configurations.
DEV-14690 Airshell The Airshell command, 'conf network', now lists available interfaces when assigning interfaces to a port group.
DEV-14689 Airshell Fixed an issue where Airshell "conf network" would time out when applying changes, even though settings were saved.
DEV-14688 Cellular Airwall Gateways The APN setting is now retained when you factory reset an Airwall Gateway 101g, instead of reverting to the default setting of "broadband."
DEV-14687 Cellular Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue where the selected carrier was not showing up properly in Diag mode.
DEV-14686 Conductor Fixed a few minor issues that could cause unsupported port group references in configuration data for an overlay DHCP and device port affinity.
DEV-14647 Cellular Airwall Gateways Added a warning if you tried to select a carrier that wasn't compatible with the firmware installed on the Airwall Gateway 101g.
DEV-14636 Conductor In people groups, if you add only blocking access windows, users can log in any time that access is not blocked. If you add both open and blocking access windows, then users can only log in during the open windows.
DEV-14629 Conductor Clarified and fixed updating on Device Activity, Health Data, and Traffic Stats.
DEV-14608 Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue that could prevent initialization of port groups with VLAN interfaces if the parent port was placed in a disabled port group.
DEV-14586 Conductor Old tooltips no longer collect at the bottom of the screen
DEV-14577 Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue where device activity wasn't reporting activity on bypass port groups with Routed only disabled.
DEV-14568 Airshell Fixed issues with port group numbering when editing port groups in Airshell with 'conf network'.
DEV-14560 Airwall Gateways Setting a Bypass and blocking by hostname now correctly blocks the named destinations.
DEV-14557 Conductor, Airwall Gateways Fixed an issue where some device discovery notifications were missed by Conductor.
DEV-14504 Conductor Filtering alerts with a search term in the Alerts list now filters incoming alerts as well.
DEV-14429 OpenHIP HIP is now more responsive to failures.
DEV-14427 Conductor Fixed an issue where IPv6 DHCP settings sometimes showed IPv4 options after choosing Select one.
DEV-14335 Linux Airwall Servers Fixed an issue that caused file handle leakage on Airwall Servers after running packet captures.
DEV-14264 MAP2-Client You can now choose whether to replace or augment Airwall Gateway-configured Conductor URLs with those configured on the Conductor.
DEV-14233 Virtual Airwall Gateways Amazon EC2 Airwall Gateways using ENA network drivers will now start with the second interface disabled instead of defaulting to an overlay port group.
DEV-13951 Conductor Conductor now provides an error message when attempting to pair with a Conductor that is already in Standby.
DEV-13763 Airwall Gateways The Airwall Gateway 110 now detects the full 1GB of RAM rather than only 512MB.
DEV-11649 Airwall Gateways Ping peer Airwalls now works for IPv6 peers on Linux-based platforms.

Known Issues

ID Applies to Description
New DEV-15302 macOS Airwall Agents

The macOS Airwall Agent profile will not work correctly when restored to a new machine via Timemachine.

Workaround -- Create a new profile on the Airwall Agent, and then on the Conductor, replace the old profile with the new one for that agent.

DEV-15378 & DEV-15309 Airwall Gateways

Unable to synchronize MAP after deleting port mirroring destination local device.

Workaround – Add back the device that you just deleted. Then remove the Port Mirroring config before deleting the device.

DEV-15370 Airwall Gateways Passive device discovery doesn't work on port groups that have Routed traffic only checked.
DEV-15367 Conductor If you have two people groups with access windows, one giving a user access and another blocking access during the same time period, the user is allowed to complete user authentication when they should be blocked.

Workaround – If possible, do not have allow and blocked access windows that overlap.

DEV-15357 macOS Airwall Agents If you update the macOS Airwall Agent to a release later than v2.2.11 on macOS Mojave using a Conductor-based update package, it may not report the updated version to the Conductor.

Workaround – Restart the agent or reapply the update.

DEV-15356 Conductor Customer must "restart metadata cache" on conductor after attempting a replace.
DEV-15305 Conductor Conductor does not validate the local device MAC address is a unicast address.
DEV-15219 MAP2-Client, OpenHIP Airwall Gateways are not working on the Bell Mobility (Canada) cellular provider, due to the required use of a http/https proxy. (A major development effort would be required to support this.)
DEV-15031 Airwall Gateways Remote syslog over TLS doesn't work when using keys stored in TPM
DEV-14957 iOS Airwall Agents On iOS Airwall Agents, you must have Safari as your default browser to create a profile.
DEV-14835 Conductor Airwall Gateway 150 serial numbers look like exponentiated numbers to Excel, so the column displaying the Serial number shows xxxEyyy instead of the full serial number.
DEV-14798 Conductor, Airwall Agents Airwall Agents with negative policy will still be able to talk to each other via their LSI. The peer will also still show up in the UI.
DEV-14772 macOS Airwall Agents If the macOS Airwall Agent is set to "off on boot" and the computer is rebooted, DNS may not be correctly set at startup.

Workaround – Restart the agent to regain access to DNS. Stop the agent, if desired, to return to the DNS servers as given by DHCP.

DEV-14739 Airwall Gateways If you set IPv4 to DHCPv4 and set a static IP address for IPv6, the setting that you set second doesn't get saved.

Workaround – If you need both IPv4 and IPv6, set static IP addresses for both.

DEV-14736 Cellular Airwall Gateways Cellular details may display as "unavailable" on the first boot after you update an Airwall Gateway. The cellular connections are not affected.

Workaround – Reboot the Airwall Gateway again to correctly display the cellular details.

DEV-14726 Conductor If you're viewing an Android Airwall Agent Ports page and the Airwall Agent changes how it is connected to the Conductor (for example, from WiFi to cellular), the display doesn't update correctly.

Workaround – Refresh the page.

DEV-14715 macOS Airwall Agents Big Sur ARM64 Macs are not supported in this release
DEV-14610 Conductor After changing the Reporting traffic stats reporting time, the CPU graph will not display.

Workaround – Refresh your browser page.

DEV-14584 Cellular Airwall Gateways Hot-swapping the SIM on an Airwall Gateway 110 with firmware version 2.2.11 may not work.

Workaround – Reboot the Airwall Gateway after installing a new SIM card.

DEV-14570 Conductor If you set an Airwall Agent owner to a user (LDAP, local, or OIDC) and someone attempts to user authenticate with a different OIDC user, they will not be able to authenticate (which is the correct behavior), but they see a 500 instead of a helpful error message.
DEV-14551 Conductor The Android Airwall Agent lets you press the Edit Settings button on the Ports page; however, submitting any changes to the page results in an error message.
DEV-14509 Airwall Gateways In Diagnostics, Ping peer Airwalls may return false negatives.
DEV-14426 Conductor, Airwall Gateways Bypass destinations with a hostname do not show device activity in the Conductor.
DEV-14361 Airwall Gateways The Build new tunnels if none exist option doesn't build tunnels to peer Airwall Edge Services with IPv6-only policy. This feature currently depends on having IPv4 policy between peer Airwall Edge Services.
DEV-14249 iOS Airwall Agents Check Secure Tunnels / Tunnel Status may show as unavailable on iOS.

Workaround – You can determine tunnel status by checking packets sent or received.

DEV-13970 Cloud-Alibaba, Conductor When you upgrade a Conductor on Alibaba Cloud, the Conductor system time gets out of sync.

Workaround – To resync the time, go to Settings > Other settings > System time and date, select Edit Settings, then Update.

DEV-13775 Cloud-Azure The Conductor might rarely give a "Net::ReadTimeout" error when you try to deploy an Azure Airwall Gateway 300v or server. This error doesn't indicate that the deployment has failed. If you get this error message, go to Azure portal and check the actual deployment result.
DEV-13760 Conductor Device export/import does not export or import Bypass Devices.
DEV-13754 Android, Linux, and macOS Airwall Agents The Conductor can falsely report that a macOS Airwall Agent is offline in some cases.
DEV-13620 Conductor In Airwall > Ports > Failover settings, the failover ping occurs only every "ping rate" + "ping timeout" seconds, somewhat unexpectedly.
DEV-13588 Conductor Opening the Conductor on Internet Explorer 11 can be very slow for medium to large deployments.

Workaround – Use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Edge instead.

DEV-13544 Linux Airwall Servers If no relay is configured, checking Relay probe information on the Linux Airwall Servers returns an error.
DEV-13531 Cloud Automating creating Cloud HA Conductors only works with same cloud provider used for both active and standby. For example, AWS HA Active and AWS HA Standby.

Workaround – You can manually set up different cloud providers as HA pair Conductors.

DEV-13474 Airwall Gateways Configuring multiple overlay port groups with the same overlay IP subnet (same or different IP addresses) and then creating a local device equal to the entire subnet with port affinity set may not lead to the expected result.
DEV-13331 Cloud-Alibaba Alibaba Cloud Conductor system time is incorrect.

Workaround – Change the Conductor system time to browser time: In Conductor Settings, under System time, select Edit settings, select Set browser time, and then select Update.

DEV-13195 Conductor, Airwall Gateways When you upgrade a Cellular Airwall Gateway-150 from 2.2.3 to 2.2.5, the cellular details all become "Unavailable."

Workaround – Reboot and the details return.

DEV-12852 Windows Airwall Agents Windows by default doesn't allow multiple 'active' interfaces. It prefers ethernet over cellular whenever possible.

Workaround – Set Windows to keep multiple interfaces open by editing the fMinimizeConnections registry value:

  1. Hold the Windows Key and Press R.
  2. In the run dialog, type regedit and click OK.
  3. Navigate to the following path in Registry Editor: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WcmSvc\4.
  4. See if the GroupPolicy subkey exists. If not with, WcmSvc highlighted, right click on WcmSvc and Choose New > Key and name it GroupPolicy.
  5. Right-click GroupPolicy and choose New > DWORD (32-bit) > Create value.
  6. Name the value "fMinimizeConnections," and select OK. (The value should be 0, or false).Reboot and test.
DEV-11710 macOS Airwall Agents If you change the LSI prefix on the Conductor, the macOS Airwall Agent doesn't update the routes correctly.

Workaround – Close and reopen the macOS Airwall Agent.

DEV-10590 Cloud The Conductor does not display an error when adding a route that would exceed the maximum number of allowed routes in the cloud provider.
DEV-10039 Airwall Gateways An Airwall Gateway 150 can show "could not detect attached switch" intermittently.
DEV-9546 150 Airwall Gateways The Airwall Gateway 150 serial connection has an intermittent issue when large amounts of data are sent over the console.
DEV-9429 Windows Airwall Agents Updating the Overlay Device IP address for a Windows Airwall Server in the Conductor doesn't update the first time.

Workaround – Open and update the address a second time.