Release Notes 2.2.8 Hotfix – Conductor HF-5

Release Date: Dec 18, 2020

This is a hotfix to release v2.2.8 for Conductors. See Release Notes 2.2.8 for more additions in version 2.2.8. Download HF-5 from Hotfixes.

2.2.8 Conductor Hotfix HF-5 includes and replaces Conductor Hotfixes HF-1 through HF-4. Once installed, it will show all hotfixes (HF-1, HF-2, HF-3, HF-4, and HF-5) as installed.

What’s New

This hotfix is a replacement for Conductor HF-4 that fixes Airwall Invitations that were expiring too quickly.

Upgrade Considerations

Upgrade to this 2.2.8 hotfix if you were experiencing any of the following issues:
  • Need Airwall Invitations to have a long expiration date.

Or if you were impacted by any of the other issues fixed in this or earlier hotfixes.


ID Applies to Description
DEV-14901, DEV-14873 Conductor Fixed an issue where the link to set your password for a new user that is provided by email expires very quickly. The expiration is now set to 2 weeks from the date of the invite.


– Go to the login page and reset your password to generate a new reset password token and then follow instructions in the email you receive.

– Have your admin manually set the password.

Also fixed an issue where error messages (e.g. from passwords that do not meet the necessary criteria) were not being displayed on the reset password page.

Includes HF-4 Fixes:
DEV-14424 Conductor Rate limit how often a bypass destinations traffic timestamp will be updated to prevent negative performance impact on the Conductor.
DEV-14332 Conductor Fixed an issue where if you deleted a tag owner, the UI wouldn’t show any tags on the page that would be displayed below it.
Includes HF-3 Fixes:
DEV-14167 Windows Airwall Agent or Server Fixed an issue where the Conductor was showing Windows Airwall Agents had an update available when they already had that version installed. Note that you may still see updates available for x64 Windows if you have x32 firmware downloaded on the Conductor.
Includes Conductor HF-2 Fixes:
DEV-14103 Conductor Fixed an issue where disabling or re-enabling network communications of a device would delete any tags on it. Updating a device, device group, Airwall group, overlay network, or people group via the API would delete any tags on the updated object.
DEV-14080 Conductor Fixed an issue where when adding a device directly to a device group in an Airwall Invitation or during user onboarding, some of the necessary information was not being sent to the Airwall Agents and Servers to fully enable policies.
DEV-14077 Conductor Fixed an issue where the dashboard number for upgradeable Airwalls was including Airwalls that could apply an earlier version.
DEV-14073 Conductor Underlay IPs for 2.2.8 Airwall Gateways are now in the "underlay_ips" key in the API.
DEV-14070 Conductor Fixed an issue where Airwall Gateways coming online was not being included in an overlay network's Recent Activity.
DEV-14059 Conductor Fixed an issue where you could apply HF-1 multiple times.
DEV-14032 Conductor Fixed an issue where viewing an overlay's details page in timeline view could cause an error.
DEV-14009 Conductor Fixed an issue where you sometimes couldn't remove static routes from an HA pair.
DEV-13944 Conductor, Airwall Gateway Fixed an issue that caused device traffic to local devices (east/west) or bypass destinations to continue after disabling the device. Traffic to remote devices was not affected.
Includes Conductor HF-1 Fixes:
DEV-13943 Conductor Fixed an issue in the Tag Actions menu where devices with the tag were not included in the list of items that would be impacted by the action.
DEV-13942 Conductor People groups can now be added as managers when creating new overlay networks.
DEV-13930 Cloud-Alibaba, Conductor

If you have created a new Alibaba Cloud Airwall Gateway with v2.2.8, there is an issue with the protected subnet id on the Cloud tab actually being the public subnet.

Workaround: You can avoid this issue by installing this hotfix on the Conductor before creating any Alibaba Cloud Airwall Gateways.

Workaround if you have already created an Alibaba Cloud Airwall Gateway:
  1. Apply this hotfix to your Conductor.
  2. If you are not using an NTP for system time, on the Settings page, General setting tab, under System time, select Edit Settings, and then Under Update date and time, select Set browser time and then select Update.
  3. For any cloud Alibaba Airwall Gateways, on the Cloud tab, Diagnostic subtab, click Refresh.
DEV-13912 Conductor Fixed an issue where secure tunnel status was not accurately reporting tunnel status for HA-paired Airwall Gateway's.
DEV-13904 Cloud-Google, Conductor

To deploy a 2.2.8 Google Cloud 300v Airwall Gateway from the Conductor, apply this hotfix.

DEV-13893 Conductor Fixed an issue where you could select Airwall Edge Services that do not support health data for the health data monitor (for example, you now cannot select the Mac, Linux, or iOS platforms)
DEV-13888 Conductor Fixed an issue where when you attempted to manage items from a New Airwall Online notification on the new Dashboard, it could be lost if another notice is received.
DEV-13870 Conductor Fixed an issue where bandwidth would be reported multiple times, resulting in dashboard graphs reporting much higher throughput than the actual throughput.
DEV-13860 Conductor Fixed an issue where when you were creating a new device, the Port affinity menu showed the first overlay port group, even though the value was set to Detect automatically.

Known Issues

See Release Notes 2.2.8 for known issues.